Выпуск 2017 4(50)

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Социально-экономические проблемы Донбасса

Tochonov I., Kalashnikova T., Hordiienko V. The role of the Donetsk oblast construction sector
in renovation of the territories

Yefremenko V., Gavrysh O. Socio-economic consequences of military conflicts in the Donetsk region
and priority areas of the regional renewal

Snihova O. The problems of recovery and development of thermal power engineering at the controlled territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions
Cherevatskyi D., Atabyekov O. EROI of the Ukrainian coal

Экономическая теория и история

Rozmainsky I. The basic aspects of the Hyman Minsky’s financial instability hypothesis

Международная и региональная экономика

Shopova М. Tourism satellite accounts – an information basis for the analysis of tourism expenditure
Grigorova V. Balanced approach for optimizing marketing networks in tourism
Pidorycheva I. Special economic zones: key lessons learned from the global experience
Lyakh O. Formation of the modern sustainable sector of tourism and recreation in Ukraine
Savyuk L. The sphere of educational services in the context of world globalization


Ostrovetskyy V. Fiscal policy of Ukraine in conditions of decentralization: revenue of local budgets
Dimitrova T. Commercial banks as a mechanism against financing terrorism
Shlafman N., Frolina K. Research of the foreign countries experience in regulation of investment processes in building sphere
Yeletskykh S. Аlternative methods for evaluating financial sustainability of an enterprise
Petrischeva K. Risk factor in financial security provision of enterprises on the base of management
of available financial resources


Kinelski G. The essence of competition in the electrical power subsector
Shabalina L., Bulavka E. World experience of the electric power industry restructuring
Lyashenko V. The reforming of housing and communal services markets in the condition of economic crisis in Ukraine
Zaloznova Yu., Trushkina N. Increasing the efficiency of the organization of marketing activity of coal enterprises


Dźwigoł H. Controlling as a сompany management concept
Miskiewicz R. Mergers and acquisitions: selected epistemological aspects
Latysheva О. Estimation of level of sustainable development of industrial enterprises of Ukraine

Менеджмент инноваций

Ivanova Z. Management of the counterparty risk of an industrial enterprise
Bondarenko О. Development of innovative entrepreneurship in Ukraine

Менеджмент персонала

Dźwigoł – Barosz M. Enhancement of emotional intelligence-related competencies of successors in family businesses
Abbasova Sh., Orujova M., Orujova T. Estimation of a living standards of elderly population in the conditions of transition to the sustainable development in Azerbaijan Republic
Aliyeva I. Vocational education problems in tourism sphere of Azerbaijan
Gitis T., Klimenko S. Research of factors impeding professional development of the personnel of domestic enterprises
Kitrish E. The role of supply chain sustainability in a corporate social responsibility strategy