Выпуск 2014 4(38)

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Economic Theory

Rozmainsky I. V. "Reverse Gradualism", Investment Collapse and Monetary Degradation in Russia in the 1990s

Коlоsоv A. M. Adaptive Organization – Management Tool in Variable Environment

Zhykhareva Yu. I., Кotov E. V. Formation of Methodological Support Assessment of Neoindustrial Modernization


International and Regional Economics

Khomenko Y. V., Khomenko I. A. New Concept of Sustainability and Scandinavian Countries’ Sustainable Development Policy

Olentsevych N. V., Kovalyova O. V. World Experience of the Public-private Partnership and Challenges of its implementing in Ukraine

Коtоv E. V., Lyashenko V. I., Tesnovskiy P. V. Preconditions of Strategic Development of Small Mining Town (Case Dobropillya Subregion)

Aleksandrov I. О., Kravets О. О. The Choice of an Attractive Investment Option the Environmental Project

Lyakh O. V. Development of Social Enterprises as Way of Mitigating the Social Situation in the Donbass

Vishnevsky O. S. The Clash of Capitals: Ukraine as Victim National and Global Processes

Tulku Y. I. Small Innovative Enterprises in Ukraine and Europe: Tendencies, Problems, and Incentive Tools for Their Development

Kuznetsova D. V. Growing Points of Southern California



Nadraga V. I. The Social Insurance in the System of the Social Risks Regulation

Medentseva M. M. Dependence of the Ukrainian Economy on Foreign Capital

Malyshko A. V., Parparov D. Y. Searching for Financial Bubble in the Private Space Sector

Angelov G. Options for Modelling the Financial Viability of Sofix Companies in the Post-crisis Years

Marinov I. The Quality of Lending Activity in Bulgaria

Pavlova M. Tax Policy of the Republic of Bulgaria for the Period 2007-2013

Pavlov. Ts. L. Dividend Puzzle on Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Opportunity for аn Abnormal Risk-adjusted Returns



Pavlenko I. I. Modeling of Investment Attractiveness of Energy Enterprises of Ukraine under Globalization (Coal Industry Case Study)

Jordanova E. Importance of the Code of Ethics in the Organization

Maksymenko І. О., Uzun M. V. Motivational Aspect of Organizational Culture in the Quality Management System at the Enterprise


Management of Innovations

Drachuk Yu. Z., Rassuzhday L. M., Trushkina N. V. Conceptual Approaches to Forming a Strategy of Innovation-based Development of the Coal Industry


Management of Labour and Safety

Zaloznova Yu. S. Coal Mining in Socioeconomic Aspect

Shinkaryuk О. V. Scientific Basic of Human Development State Administration in Ukraine

Shevchenko V. V., Inyakin V. M. The Optimization Model of Working Time Fund Allocation in the Theory of Marginal Utility

Kozinets A. Formation Motivational Mechanism of Labor Management for the Modern Enterprises

Rad N. S. Evolution of Social Protection: from Theoretical to Conceptual Pension System Models