Выпуск 2013 4(34)

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Economic Theory

1. Rozmainsky I. V. Beyond Dualism Between Determinism and Voluntarism in Dynamic Economics, or Essay on the “Paradox of History-creating Decision”

2. Rudenko L. V., Steshenko P. O. Socio-Economic Inequality in Modern Society

3. Buzni A. M. A New Approach to Human Society Development in Global World


 International and Regional Economics

4. Potyomkina N. O., Voshchyna E. S., Breiman M. M. Current Approaches to Country Risk Analysis

5. Kirnos I. O., Lukashenko T. M. The Influence of EU Enlargement on EURO

6. Zakotniuk O. L. Development of Information Resources in Regional Aspect (Donetsk Region Case Study)

7. Lymar V. V. The Integration Interests of Ukraine: the European Union or Customs Union

8. Kravchuk N. Global Development Divergence and Contemporary Gravitational Processes in Geo-economic Space

9. Melnyk М. I. Strategy of Development of Socially Oriented Business Environment of Lviv

10. Spornyak S. O., Volvak Yu. S. Proportionality’s Analysis of Regional Development

 11. Shabalina L. V., Chumak A. E. The Estimate of Ukraine’s Position on the International Tourist Market

12. Kudrina O. Yu. Stages of Industry Formation in the Eastern Regions of Ukraine

13. Oleynikov A. A., Kefer A. S. Benefits and Risks of Ukraine’s Accession into the European Union: Macroeconomic Aspects

14. Lyashenko V. I., Zhykhareva Yu. I., Vyshnevskyy O. S. Expediency of Application of the Regional and Municipal (Communal) Wealth Indicators at the Generation of the Regional and Urban Development Strategies



15. Khomenko Ya. V., Molchanov O. I., Sheyka K. S. A Practical Approach for Quantifying Country Risk on the Ukrainian Stock Market

16. Parfonova L. G., Bikinina A. O. Pension Funds: Investment Risk Management

17. Zukhba D. S., Shpynova K. V. Credit Market Liberalization Reform Outcomes

18. Malyshko A. V., German K. A. Main Financial Regulators: Comparative Analysis of Federal Reserve and Euro System

19. Zhamoida O. A., Arnoldova A. A. The Impact of Tax Policy on Investment Climate in Ukraine



20. Kostenok I. V., Vysotskyi A. Ye., Popovich G. S. Place of Ukraine on the World Steel Market

21. Pavlysh E. V., Poklonskyy S. K. Clusters and Cluster Policy in Ukraine

22. Curbatov O. Yu. The “Knowledge Marketing”: a New Trend in a Management Science World

23. Kucheruk T. G., Arkhypov M. V., Burlachenko G. O. Consumer Decision Making on the Web

24. Dotsenko G. V., Tsysaruk S. S. Branding in Global Marketing Management

25. Pushak Ya. Ya., Zhyvko Z. B. Competitive Intelligence and Counter-intelligence: Adjacent Plane of Security of the Enterprise

26. Prischepa N. P., Putintsev A. V. Marketing Programs Improvement and Sales Stimulation at the Enterprise



27. Kovalyov A. V. Theoretical Basis of Outsourcing

28. Rodina O. G., Batula V. F. Shadow Economy: State of the Art

29. Reznikova O. S., Grodzynskyi I. E. International Management: Management Without Borders

30. Bayura D. O., Romanyuk V. M. The Corporate Governance Systems Transformation During the Financial Crisis

31. Dyachenko V. S. Factors of Formation of Economic Stability of Agricultural Enterprises

32. Firsova S. N. Determining Controlling Functions in the Enterprise Management Activity


Management of Innovations

33. Drachuk Yu. Z., Trushkina N. V. Forming the Institutional Environment for Innovation-Based Development of Coal Enterprises

34. Okaryachenko A. P. Energy Consumption in Ukraine


Management of Labour and Safety

35. Nadraga V. I. Social Risks of the Coal Industry Restructuring in Ukraine

36. Pozhu0va T. O. Economical Safety Issue Research

37. Kostenko N. V. Model of Country’s Geo-economic Position Identification in Terms of International Integration

38. Saienko O. O. Upgrading the Institutional Structure Managing the Development of a Comprehensive Strategy for Socio-economic Development and its Implementation

39. Vakarchuk T. S. “Human Potential” and “Human Capital”: Similarities and Differences

40. Klyaus D. P. Model of Country’s Geo-economic Position Identification in Terms of International Integration

41. Buntovskaya L. L. The Role of Social Partnership in the Regulation of Social and Labor Relations in Ukraine