Выпуск 2011 4(26)

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Экономическая теория 

1. Vyshnevsky V. P., Dementiev V. V. Industrial Policy for Ukraine: Theoretical Aspects

2. Chumachenko М. G., Amosha O. I., Lyashenko V. І. Neoindustrial Ways of National Ukrainian and Donbass Regional Economic Development. Part II.

3. Dubovikov N. M. Mathematical Model of the Open Market

4. Zakariev El. Green Economy — Political Balancing Tricks or Predetermination

5. Rozmainsky I. V. Investor Myopia and Liquidity Preference as the Complementary Concepts

6. Zolotov A. F., Оmelchenko O. Y. The Theory of Demand: Critical Analysis

7. Kolesnikova G. V. Interaction of Regulatory Regimes and Private Business Interest

8. Vol’chik V. V. Globalization and Facilities of Original Institutional Economics at Research of Institutional Changes in Economy


Международная и региональная экономика

9. Malyshko A. V., Tykhomyrova O. S. Political Factor’s Impact on the Ukrainian Stock Market Dynamics

10. Melentyev D. Y. Public Electric Transport Enterprises: Concession or Bankruptcy?

11. Lebed A. V. Category of Property Rights in Russian Civil Law

12. Shkurupiy O. V., Bilobrova T. O., Deineka T. A. Ukraine in the Processes of Economic Conditions Development Transnationalization: Possibilities of TNC’s Innovational Potential Attraction

13. Baghdasaryan A. Problems of Pension System Reforms, Financial System Stability and Capital Market Development in the Countries with Transition Economy

14. Kotlyarov N. N. China’s Economic Growth and Sino-Russian Economic Relations

15. Kushnirovich N. O. Determinants of Personal Economic Awareness

16. Chachashvili-Bolotin Svetlana, Yossi Shavit, Ayalom Hanna. Immigration in the 1990s from the Former USSR and the Higher Education System in Israel in the First Half of the 1990s

17. Kuzmenko L. M., Soldak M. O. Brownfields in Urban Structure

18. Myedvyedyev D. M. Analysis of Approaches of Territorial Development Disparities Smoothing on Municipal Level in Ukraine



19. Baranenko I. A. Sovereign Credit Ratings and their Influence on Foreign Direct Investments Inflow

20. Shabalina L. V., Zhuravlyova D. V. Choosing the Portfolio Selection Model for the Ukrainian Stock Market

21. Zhamoida O. A., Matsiuk M. S. Sensitivity Analysis in Capital Budgeting

22. Kostenok I. V., Fil E. V. Risk Measuring Methods: Modern Approaches

23. Syniakova N. S. Option Valuation

24. Matrosova L. N. The Problems of Default in Ukraine: Causes and Consequences

25. Lyashenko S. V. Capital Market in Ukraine and Ways of Cooperation with the Countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)

26. Goncharenko O. Y. Marginal Effective Tax Rates: the Calculation for Ukraine



27. Pavlysh E. V., Moskovets A. V. Dependence between the Consumer Price Index and Ukrainian Currency Exchange Rate Dynamics

28. Petrenko A. V. The Price of Free Medicine

29. Khadzhynov I. V. Post Crisis Dynamics of Foreign Economic Activity of Ukraine’s Regions in 2009 — 2011

30. Tulku Y. I. Providing Competitive Growth of Ukrainian Economy in a Global Environment by Using Public-Private Partnership

31. Spornyak S. O., Khrypun T. V. The Current State of the Shadow Economy in Ukraine



32. Khomenko Y. V., Poddubnaya O. A. Sensitivity Analysis as a Tool for Risk Management

33. Momot A. I., Samoilov P. I. Ways to Reveal the Sources of Decrease in Equipment Use Efficiency

34. Okaryachenko A. P. Development of Alternative Power in Ukraine as the Mechanism of the Sustainable Development of Economy

35. Zagoriy A. N. Rating and Quality as Factors of Human Resource Management in Higher Educational Establishments


Менеджмент инноваций

36. Chernova H. S. Theoretical Basis for Evaluation of National Economic Competitiveness. Part II.

37. Tishchenko A. P. Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of Regional Economic Development Strategic Planning



1. Melnik V. “About the Personal State” in Ukraine