Выпуск 2010 4(22)

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Экономическая теория

1. Vishnevsky V. P., Dementiev V. V. Problems of innovation in the light of evolutionary theory

2. Chumachenko М. G., Amosha O. I., Lyashenko V. І. Neoindustrial ways of national Ukrainian and Donbas regional economical development

3. Volchik V., Maslov A. Neutral markets, non-neutral institutions and economic evolution

4. Rozmainsky I. V. Initial dynamics of financial markets in the transition economies in the 1990s and new critique of the big bang policy: Heterodox Approach

5. Chоrnоdоn V. І. Conceptualization economic development paradigm of the modern economic system

6. Zhykhareva Y. I. Application of number theory methods for task solution of intertemporal balance in economy


Международная и региональная экономика

7. Kotlyarov N. N. The major direction of China’s foreign trade development

8. Konishcheva N. I. Staff training and professional skills improvement for ensuring tourism development in the Donetsk region

9. Dochev М., Dochev Н. Constitutional control as a factor of market economy maintenance

10. Tulku Y. I., Kapturenko N. G. Ukrainian medium sized business in terms of global competitive environment: national specifics, tendencies and main problems of development

11. Kuzmenko L. M., Soldak M. O. Monofunctional cities: problems, support provision and development

12. Ž aneta Simanavič ienė , Rokas Šliupas. The effect of real estate speculation on the growth of economics in Lithuania

13. Nikolova М. The biological production of grain crops — a perspective form of sustainable agriculture in Bulgaria

14. Ryabchyn О. Impact of environmental catastrophes and energy crises on international economic development

15. Makogon Yu.V., Orekhova T. V. The investment attractiveness increasing of black sea postsocialists countries: synergetic approach

16. Myedvyedyev D. M. Depopulation processes in large cities of east macroregion of Ukraine: dynamics and socio-economic reasons



17. Lyashenko S. V. Modeling the interaction among the ukrainian and foreign stock markets

18. Nykytiuk T. O. Influence of uncertainty level on dynamics of capital structure of industrial entities in Ukraine

19. Kleshcheeva M. V. Offshore territories: basic concepts of functioning

20. Ismail Ozsoy. Islamic banking: conceptual fundamentals and basic features

21. Gipiene G., Matuseviciene L. Requirements for balance setting-up and report improvement possibilities

22. Freitakas E., Rimšienė V. V. Peculiarities of credit risk management in credit unions

23. Malyshko A.V. Attracting the european investments to concession agreements in Ukraine



24. Volvak S. O. Analysis of production and consumption foods in Luhansk region

25. Shulayeva Y. Effectiveness analysis of electronic waste collection models

26. Zyuzgina A. S. The current state of providing the ethical standards in the Ukrainian business in the context of global competitiveness

27. Chernyavskaya T. A. Negative factors that impede the development of transport in Ukraine


Стратегический менеджмент

28. Voronkov D., Grynyov A. Strategic integration of the enterprises: conceptual model based on knowledge of the personnel

29. Snitko E. A., Lobachov V. K. Peculiarities of strategic planning in crisis conditions

30. Khadzhynov I. Investment promotion agencies are effective in attracting foreign direct investments

31. Chernova H. Theoretical basis for evaluation of national economic competitiveness

32. Omelchenko O. Y. Structural changes of agro-industrial production in Ukraine: The impact of external effects


Менеджмент инноваций

33. Marinova N. Decision support systems development and benefits of business intelligence systems usage

34. Maltseva S. V., Piddubna O. A., Khomenko Ya. V. Technological parks as a mechanism for the implementation of innovation policy of the state

35. Gaydamaka O. M., Lebid V. M. Problems of innovative activity development in the real sector of Ukrainian economy



1. Dochev M. Some aspects regarding the quality of the accounting infirmation and its users