Issue 2015 4(42)

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Economic Theory

Petrova V. Hicksian Income and Contemporary Accounting

Rozmainsky I.V. The Big-bang Strategy and Non-rational Behavior in the Russian Transitional Economy in the 1990s

International and Regional Economics

Payonk K., Lyashenko V., Kvilinskyi O. Operation of a Business Entity in the Context of Globalization

Lis P., Mazurkiewicz J. Combating Energy Poverty in the Social Housing Stock

Kolosov A.M. The Factors of Economic Mechanism for Recovery the Domestic Market of Donbas

Blashchyk P., Zvershchlevsky S. Challenges for the Nominal Convergence in Poland in the Face of the Uniform Policy of the Eurozone

Shabalina L.V., Karaman E.G. The Ways of Improving the Efficiency of the Import Substitution Strategy of Russian Federation

Kovalova O., Gavrysh O. School Social Educators’ Group Work in Germany

Logutova T., Poltoratskyi M. Comprehensive Modernization of Railway Transport as an Innovative Efficient Instrument to Raise Competitive Capacity of a Company


Rad N.S. Conception of the Present-day Pension System as a Result of Transformation Processes in Global Determination

Simeonova R. Methods and Systems for Allocating and Reporting Indirect Costs in Management Accounting

Dimitrov P.V. Set-off as a Means for Extinguishing Financial (Public) Obligations in the Republic of Bulgaria

Derevyanko O.V. Assessment of Competitiveness of Commercial Banks and Method of Detection Competitors in the Banking Market

Bessonova S.I. Non-Negotiable Assets Accounting and Analysis of their Status

Akimova O.V. The Use of Typological Research in the System of Internal Financial Monitoring

Usik I.A. Financial Cycles Nature and its Role in the Crisis Processes Development

Stolyarov V.F., Artemenko D.M. Specifics of Determining the Market Assessment Rights Requirement for Obligations Arising from the Implementation of the Bank Credit Operations of Different Quality that are Secured and Unsecured Collaterally


Ivanova Z.S. Risks Associated with the Market Behaviour of Bulgarian Industrial Enterprises

Rogoza M.E., Vergal K.Yu. Investigation of the Integrated Trade Structure Environment Using Agentoriented Approach

Ivchenkova H.Y., Lyakh A.O. Analysis of Mathematical Methods and Models which are Used for the Process of Management of Commodity Stocks in Retail Trade

Ivanova M.І. Studies of Formation and Content of the Term ‘Logistics Activities’: Theoretical Aspects

Gonchar V., Kalinin O. Marketing Aspects of Steady Growth Business Strategy


Khomenko Y.V., Khomenko I.A., Borodina E.S. The Impact of Globalization on Corporate Culture and Communication

Drachuk Yu.Z., Trushkina N.V. Development of Innovative Business on Principles Public-Private Partnerships

Vishnevsky A.S. Paradigmatic Basics of Strategic Management

Management of Innovations

Tubychko K.V., Zaruba V.Y., Pignasty O.M., Khodusov V.D. The Overview of Manufactured Systems Models

Naberezhnyh T.S., Shevchenko N.Y. Planning of Steady Industrial Enterprise Development under Condition of Environment Instability

Management of Labour and Safety

Gavrylov M., Zerkina O. Methodological Bases of Personnel Policy Formation in the Context of Innovative Development of the Region

Bersutska S., Kamenska O. Formalization of an Industrial Enterprise Human Capital under the Innovation Development Conditions

Shaulska L.V., Sereda G.V., Shkurat M.Y. The Development of Soft Skills in the Provision of Competitiveness of Graduates

Parkhomenko Yu.M. The Development of Social Investment and Responsibility of Business in Ukraine

Boychenko V. The Formation of the Key Assets of Human Capital at the Corporate Level

Kabachenko G. Features of Formation and Development of the Youth Segment of the Regional Labour Market