Issue 2012 4(30)

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Economic Theory

1. Rozmainsky I. V. Stagflation in the Inside Money Economy: the Post Keynesian Perspective

2. Pushak Ya. Ya. State Suport of Agrarian Sphere as Key Component of Forming of Food Safety

3. Melnyk O. S. Structural Transformation and Economic Growth

4. Lyashenko S. V. System of Indicators of Governance and Institutional Quality: Ukraine’s Performance


International and Regional Economics

5. Baghdasaryan A. M. Problems of Economic Growth and Development of the Securities Market in Emerging Economies

6. Kostin Yu., Mass M., Dubrovina N. Problems of Social and Economic Development at the „Donetskoblgaz” Enterprise

7. Bozhinov B. The Role of Thornton and Bagehot for the Development of Lender of Last Resort Concept

8. Riss I. The „Wave Approach” in Migration Research Waves of Immigration to Israel, 1974 – 2001

9. Cherevatskyi D. Yu., Atabyekov O. I. Production Function of a Coal Mine and Economic Efficiency of Its Operation

10. Matrosova L. M. The Reformation of Housing and Communal Sphere of Ukraine

11. Deneva A. European Dimensions of Bulgaria’s Industrial Policy

12. Volchik V. V. The Land of Lost Opportunities: an Institutional History of the Don Agrarian and Trade Enterpreneurship



13. Khomenko Ya. V., Nesterenko K. A., Bodnar A. V. The Institutional Framework: PFTS and UKRSE

14. Malyshko A. V., Molchanov O. I., Sheyka K. S. Testing the CAPM on the Ukrainian Stock Market: Beta Coefficient

15. Zukhba D. S., Vysotskyi A. Ye., Popovich H. S. The Capital Asset Pricing Model: Cross-Sectional Analysis

16. Kostenok I. V., Chernikova C. V., Soboleva C. Y. Ukrainian Market for the Investment Certificates

17. Kirnos I. A., Breiman M. M., Voshchyna I. E. Ukrainian Derivatives market

18. Stefanov G., Dochev H. Legal Opportunities for Performing Insurance Activity in Bulgaria by Entities with Headquarters in a Third Country

19. Leonova L. A. Accounting Policies for Financial Investments and Financial Instruments in Ukraine

20. Ivanov G. Audit Evaluation of Internal Control Systems



21. Kunev K. Natural Monopolies and Problems of the Energy Market in Bulgaria

22. Bukovskiy A. V., Kvartal’na N. A. Basic Premises and Trends of Reforming Railway Sector in Ukraine

23. Spornyak S. О. Statistical Analysis of the Services Market in Ukraine

24. Savelyev Ye. V., Kuryliak V. Ye., Smalyuk H. F. Benchmarking: Integration of Rivalry and Mutual Assistance

25. Norenko Yu. I., Momot A. I. Ways to Increase the Competitiveness of Enterprises by Using Modern Quality Management Technologies



26. Bakardzhieva М. Behaviour of Managers and Managees in the Context of the Peculiarities of Bulgarian National Culture

28. Dubnitskij V. I., Ivanov S. V., Lunina V. Yu. From Planning to Implementation: the Theoretical Basis of the Enterprise Management

28. Dyubo E. N. Strategic management of the resources system of agricultural enterprises


Management of Innovations

29. Aleksandrov I. A., Kravets L. O. Analysis of the Approach to Market Mechanism of Environmental Quality Management

30. Lyashenko V. I., Tulku Y. I. Quasi-tangible Assets of Modern Neo-industrialism and Necessity of Creation of Adequate Mechanism of Exchange for Their Trading

31. Khadzhynov I. V., Medvedkin T. S., Problems and Prospects of Innovation Development in Economy of Old-Industrial Centers (on Example of Donetsk Region)

32. Burmatova O. P., Sumskaya T. V. Innovate Aspects of Pproduction Organization on the Level of the Local Production Systems: World Experience

33. Knyaz S. V., Heorhiadi N. H., Bogiv Y. S. Transfer Potential and Programs of Innovative Development


Management of Labour

34. Georgieva V. Priorities of the National Labour and Employment Policy of the Republic of Bulgaria in the Context of the „Europe 2020” Strategy

35. Podsolonko E. A., Мurava-Sereda А. V. Human Resources for Knowledge Economy

36. Kushnirovich N., Ribovsky D. Determinants of Volunteering and Charitable Giving