Issue 2016 4(46)

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Economic Theory and History

Chebotarov V., Chebotarov Ye. Polish economic miracle as a factor of the socialist system of economy collapse

Lantukh I. The role of the foreign assets in the economy of Ukraine at the turn of the XXth century

Minochkina O. Formation of social capital of the nation

Rozmainsky I. The Basic elements of the post keynesian analysis of the post-soviet model of Russian capitalism

International and Regional Economics

Shabalina L., Kapko A. Analysis of Russian market of foodstuffs and agricultural raw materials in modern conditions of managing

Francisco F.R.R., Kovalenko O., Kovalenko S. Cultural diversity and growth of international firms

Ivanov S., Perebyynis V., Oleksenko L., Svitlychna A. Organizational development of agro-industrial complex on basis of cooperation and integration

Pajak K., Kvilinskyi O., Fasiecka O. Regional Energy Security (Based on Polish Experience)

Lis P. The Conditions of the Water Sector in Poland

Glinkowska B. Analysis of the State of Internationalisation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Poland

Papizh Yu. Features of effective clustering in mining regions of Ukraine


Simeonova R. Standard Costing System - a management tool by deviations

Mykhaylychenko N., Tokareva A. Problems and prospects of implementation controlling as a modern enterprise management tool

Kamenska O., Vesela N. Estimation of human capital in the strategic budgeting system

Ostrovetskyy V. Some Aspects of the Ukrainian Fiscal policy in the Context of Decentralization: the Revenue of Local Budgets


Zaloznova Y., Trushkina N. Organization of marketing activity of coal mining enterprises in an irregular demand environment: theoretic and practical aspects

Lisyuk V., Serov A. The market approach to local markets of housing and communal services of Ukraine

Shlafman N., Hudkov V. Bank marketing at the present Ukrainian banking services market

Gonchar V. Forecasting as a method of metals marketing research

Litovchenko I., Shkurupskaya I. Industry 4.0 as a Major Factor in the Formation of IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications)

Korytko T., Kruk E. Theoretical aspects definition of the potential competitiveness of enterprises

Nechvoloda L., Ivchenkova E., Pylipenko K. Increase in competitive capacity of industrial enterprise through creation of automation system of the process of work distribution among employees

Shevchenko N., Gudkova E. The use of mathematical methods for decision making in optimal pricing strategy for enterprises

Kitrish E. The role of supply chain sustainability in strengthening the business competitiveness


Khadzhynova O. Coordinated planning of the production program of enterprises business network

Chernata T. Statistical analysis of the relationship of the enterprise indicators of capital use efficiency and the profitability

Latysheva Ye. The ecological component of potential of sustainable development of machine-building enterprises as a management instrument by a competitiveness

Shevchenko A. Identification of the economic security technological component of Ukraine in the field of railway transport

Management of Innovations

Vetsepura N., Prokofieva S. The problems of innovative activity activization

Tashkova M. Big data - the new challenge facing business

Mazurkiewicz J. The effectiveness of green certificates - evidence from Poland

Management of Labour and Safety

Gancheva Z. Opportunities for improving the process of training of customs officers

Nikolov E. Global Reporting Initiative and its implementation in Bulgarian and Ukrainian enterprises

Vishnevsky O. The role of social resources in formation of wealth in the decentralization and industry 4.0 processes

Boichenko M. Social and economic aspect of occupational risks management at mining enterprises

Dobykina Y. Perfection of mechanism of estimation and management labour potential in the conditions of adaptation to requirements of international integration

Lyakh O. Social cooperatives: whether the European experience takes root in Ukraine?